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Design & Critical Thinking Course for Teams

Learn how to problem-solve through the customer’s perspective from an industry practitioner. We use real-life case studies and realistic scenarios to help participants apply their learnings.

This training can be customised for your team.

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  • Employees learn what’s most relevant to their jobsWe provide training to achieve your business goals and context.
  • Expertise from an industry practitionerOur community of instructors are experienced professionals coming from various industries including Fintech, Government Sectors, Ecommerce, etc.
  • Ongoing feedback to ensure learning is appliedFree follow-up coaching sessions available post-training to ensure your team stays on the right track.

Training Outline

How Design Thinking helps with Innovation

How Design Thinking helped our clients maximise business impact

“The highlight of the course was learning how to use SCQA for storytelling, making it easier to present to clients and stakeholders.”

Participant Y, Facilities Manager, CBRE Asia Pacific

As CBRE entered new partnerships, they saw a need for enhanced stakeholder engagement and collaboration between CBRE teams and new partnership counterparts. This also called for an improvement in ideation, problem-solving, and interdepartmental cohesion within their own teams.

CuriousCore conducted a Design Thinking Workshop for CBRE, providing participants with innovative solutions to streamline problem-solving process and optimize stakeholder engagement strategies, whilst in the process fostering cohesive teamwork.

The Design Thinking workshop has empowered CBRE’s team with enhanced problem-solving capabilities, cohesive collaboration between departments, and a culture of innovation, significantly improving their ability to address challenges and deliver value in their partnerships.

“My biggest takeaway during the (Design Thinking) course is understanding how to apply Design Thinking to frame problems and engage stakeholders. I learnt new ways to engage users and how to empathize with them.”

Participant X, Senior Systems Analyst, Singapore University of Social Sciences

SUSS wanted to align their IT team of Senior Systems Analysts and Executives towards a design mindset so as to enhance creative problem solving, learn design fundamentals and foster a culture of empathizing with their stakeholders.

CuriousCore conducted a Design Thinking Workshop for SUSS, where participants gained a good understanding of what Design Thinking is. Participants were provided helpful frameworks to approach problems and challenges, as well as theory and frameworks of customer journey mapping and user research to better understand user needs.

Through the workshop, the IT team has a better understanding of the application of Design Thinking to solving problems and how, to better design for the systems they are designing, they should look at the entire customer journey.

Crafting the best programmes for your business and your people with you

  1. 1
    Define your training goalsWe listen to your business needs, and help translate them into tangible training outcomes.
  2. 2
    Customise your curriculumBuild the curriculum with us, or be 100% hands off – either way, we will tailor it to your needs.
  3. 3
    Your people learn from an industry practitionerWith industry practioners your painpoints will be addressed accordingly with real life case studies so that the appropriate solutions can be designed exclusively for your organisation.
  4. 4
    Assess & measure skills gained (optional)Show tangible proof that the training is in line with the company’s learning and development goals so that the team can be accountable to key stakeholders and customers.

Meet the instructor

Daylon Soh


With over 10 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, design, and marketing, Daylon has worked with many organisations across different industries and scale and taught at various institutions in Singapore and Malaysia.


Min pax of 8. Starting from S$ 5000 per pax

Min pax of 8. Starting from RM 15000 per pax

HRDC Claimable

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Course is HRDC Claimable for Malaysian employers.

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