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Business Sprints

For business teams looking to solve business problems and align teams within 2 to 8 weeks with external consulting and facilitation support. These sprints are eligible for government grants; EDG (Singapore) and HRDC (Malaysia)

This training can be customised for your team.

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What is a Sprint

A sprint is a short, time-boxed period when a team works to complete a set amount of work (e.g: ideation, prototyping, etc). The length of a sprint varies but is usually fairly short, being kept to within a few days to a week with some being even a day long. Sprints begin with setting clear goals and scope, which remain unchanged throughout the sprint. The team works on tasks during the sprint, aiming to achieve their defined goal by the sprint’s end.


Types of Sprints

Business Strategy SprintAutomation, Integration & Optimisation SprintInnovation & Agile Sprint
When you are looking to internationalise or undergo digital transformation and wish to involve senior/middle management.

Potential deliverables: Business Model Canvas, Frameworks, Product Localisation, Resource mapping, GTM Strategy, Digital Product Strategy (Acquisition & Retention), SWOT Analysis
When you are looking to fine tune your internal or external customer journey and align your people, processes & tools.

Potential deliverables: Workflow mapping, automation strategy (build, rent or buy), Cost analysis, Integration Map
When you are looking to increase the innovation and agility quotient within your organisation when going through a venture building phase.

Potential deliverables: Digital Prototype, Change management plan, mindset training (e.g. Agile or Lean), Job Redesign, Validation Canvas, Business Model Canvas

Why Sprints?

  • Solve a business challenge and align teams with the right mindset and skills
  • Access an expert network of certified management consultants and product practitioners
  • Adaptable to your team’s business schedule
  • Kickstart a project in as little as 2 weeks
  • In-person, Remote and hybrid options available for regional/international teams

Feedback from past clients

“[The output was] very useful – the revamped website helped to reduce bounce rate significantly… Thanks a lot! Happy to work again in future.”

Mrat Y., Co-founder & CEO, ZOLO

ZOLO, AI-powered B2B software, relies heavily on offline means to connect with customers, missing on the opportunity to maximise its website to drive conversion. There was a lack of clarity in the communication of product features and USPs.


The project team from CuriousCore’s UX Career Accelerator worked at improving ZOLO’s website design. Over the 4-week long engagement, the team conducted research (including surveys and interviews to collect user feedback), leveraged UX frameworks to validate findings, and carried out usability testing with the same set of users to observe the UX impact of the redesigned website.


A high-fidelity prototype was produced at the end of the 4-week long engagement. Recommendations ranging from the website design and content to the building of credibility were offered.


Starting from: S$ 30000 (pre-subsidy)

Starting from: RM 100000 (pre-subsidy)

HRDC Claimable

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Course is HRDC Claimable for Malaysian employers.

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