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Level up your team with a customised training programme tailored to your specific business needs and training objectives. Duration and cost vary depending on the customised program.

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How we customise training for companies

“I have witnessed the positive influence he had on the team which is improving the team’s productivity and credibility.”

Arzish Baaquie, Chief Operating Officer, Smartkarma Innovations Pte Ltd

The Situation

Smartkarma was in need of a qualified UX mentor and coach to validate their user experience strategies, as well as to improve their design team’s overall productivity and performance.

How We Helped

CuriousCore served as a management consultant and coach to the design team, providing helpful frameworks to prioritize essential tasks and subsequently helped improve the practices and processes in the team. This has enabled the team to design a world-class product to better serve their finance clients globally.

Workshops were facilitated for the design team with company executives present, to ensure that the product’s direction and success metrics were better aligned within the company. With our help, Smartkarma’s design team was able to think at a more strategic level, one that is better suited to achieve their overall business goals.

“Daylon is a highly resourceful self-starter who firmly believes in starting with why. This enabled him to lead change with confidence and energy even in the face of ambiguity.”

Quincy Tan, Ex-Vice President of Online Marketing & Sales

The Situation

Razer’s revenue growth was slowing down in 2018. Its team has worked arduously to attain ambitious revenue targets, only to see marginal gains from promotional and merchandising efforts.

How We Helped

Being part of the Razer eCommerce Team in 2018 (now the founder of CuriousCore), Daylon has led and designed initiatives focused on optimising Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate (CVR), increasing sales and customer satisfaction for millions of site visitors and shoppers every month.

This has helped Razer see an additional $10m to its bottom line from increased sales and +60% YoY growth in CVR. Decisions and improvements are made based on data and research, and teams are able to work more collaboratively. This was achieved through a focus on growth-driven design and agile team culture in Razer’s design, marketing and engineering teams.

“I liked the applied exercise and the tools and skills provided. The fact that we should concentrate on our customer and feedback is important.”

Rodica Diamandopol, EMEA CPQ Asset Manager at HP

The Situation

With the constant pace of change in the tech industry, HP Digital Academy experienced a worry of falling behind its competitors and hoped to tackle this issue by redesigning its processes and products, while reducing costs.

However, the team faced difficulty in doing so as it consists of an aging global workforce who were in need of upskilling while also facing time constraints due to their heavy operational responsibilities.

How We Helped

The HP Digital Academy approached CuriousCore for advice in its UI/UX curriculum. The internal training school underwent an introductory workshop and a 4-month certified program, a collaboration between CuriousCore and the e-learning platform, Tigerhall.

This included synchronous and asynchronous lessons for all teams to solve a business challenge through research, design, prototyping, and testing. A live-action workshop was also held for the team for them to gain experience in solving business challenges in a team setting.

Our Course Mix

User ExperienceAgile Product ManagementCareer Skills
ResearchGTMCritical Thinking
Visual DesignStrategyStrategic Thinking
Content DesignSCRUM + KanbanStakeholder Management
Design OpsExecution (e.g. Roadmap & PRD)Knowledge Management
Information Architecture

Why Train with us

  1. 1
    Free Follow-up CoachingFollow-up coaching sessions available post-training to ensure your team stays on the right track
  2. 2
    Recorded SessionsSessions can be accessed post-training for future reference
  3. 3
    Digital and Physical CertificatesAwarded to participants who pass our assessment criteria
  4. 4
    Personalised ServiceDedicated account manager to work with your L&D team to ensure your needs are met
  5. 5
    Up to 30 participantsKeep your team aligned on the various topics taugh
  6. 6
    Flexible Weekday TrainingFlexible weekday schedule within a 3-month training period including lunch hours

Our Instructors

Daylon Soh


With over 10 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, design, and marketing, Daylon has worked with many organisations across different industries and scale and taught at various institutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

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