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Where the Jobs Are: Top Product Management Fields for 2023

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Ever wonder where the hottest jobs of tomorrow will be? As a product manager, your skills are in high demand across many industries. But some sectors are growing faster than others and offer the most opportunity. If you’re looking to make a career move in 2023, here are the areas you should focus on.

Tech Product Management: Lots of Opportunity

If you’re looking to break into product management, the tech industry should be at the top of your list. Technology is advancing at an incredible pace, and companies are hungry for product managers to help develop innovative solutions, platforms, and user experiences.

Within tech, some of the hottest areas are:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Helping build web-based software solutions for businesses. Think project management tools, accounting platforms, marketing automation software, and more. The SaaS market is booming, so opportunities abound.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI is transforming industries and the demand for product managers to develop AI-powered products and features is sky high. Whether building chatbots, machine learning models, or other intelligent systems, this fast-growing field needs product-minded techies.
  • Mobile Apps – In today’s mobile world, companies need product managers to develop winning apps. Help design a slick user experience, choose useful features, and drive mobile growth. With over 6 billion smartphone users, the potential to build something truly life-changing is huge.
  • Cybersecurity – As cyber threats intensify, the need for innovative security products is critical. Help companies keep their data and systems safe by developing new solutions like authentication software, threat detection systems, data encryption tools, and beyond.
  • Cloud Computing – The cloud continues to revolutionize how we live and work. Product managers are needed to help build platforms and software leveraging the power of the cloud. Design solutions for data storage, software delivery, machine learning, and more. The cloud has almost limitless potential.

In the fast-paced world of tech, the opportunities for product managers are endless. Put your skills to work building the digital solutions of tomorrow. The future is yours to shape!

Healthcare Product Management: Improve Lives Through Innovation

The healthcare industry is a hot field for product managers in 2023. As technology and innovation transform how we prevent and treat health issues, product managers have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

In healthcare product management, you could work on mobile apps, wearable devices, electronic health records systems, and more – all focused on improving patient outcomes and experiences. For example, you might design a product roadmap for a health monitoring smartwatch, work with doctors and patients to determine key features, and analyze how people are using the tech to improve health and wellness.

Some of the most exciting areas of healthcare product management right now are:

  • Digital health: Creating mobile apps, wearables, and other digital solutions to help people track health metrics, manage conditions, access telehealth services, and receive personalized care. Companies in this space include Omada Health, Livongo, and Teladoc.
  • Precision medicine: Developing tools to provide the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. This could include products focused on genomic sequencing, medical imaging analysis, and other data-driven approaches. Leaders here include Tempus, Precision Health AI, and Syapse.
  • Virtual care: Enabling patients to connect with doctors and healthcare providers remotely through phone, video, and mobile apps. This includes products for telehealth visits, remote patient monitoring, and virtual care management. Major players are Teladoc, Amwell, and MDLive.

If you want to work at the cutting edge of healthcare and build products that can improve and save lives, healthcare product management is an incredibly rewarding field. The opportunities for innovation are endless. What kind of healthcare product do you want to help create?

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Automotive Product Management: Self-Driving Vehicles and Beyond

The automotive industry is accelerating into the future with self-driving vehicles and connected cars. As a product manager, you have the opportunity to shape how people experience and interact with vehicles.

Major automakers like GM, Ford, Toyota and Volvo are investing heavily in autonomous vehicle technology and smart mobility. They need product managers to help develop and launch new features that enhance the driving experience. You could work on advanced driver assistance systems, in-vehicle infotainment, mobility services, or fully autonomous self-driving systems.

Imagine being at the forefront of innovation as we transition to self-driving cars. As an automotive product manager, you will identify customer needs, set the product roadmap, and work with engineering teams to build and test new autonomous features. You’ll stay on the cutting edge of technology like sensors, computer vision, and artificial intelligence that make self-driving possible.

This fast-growing field also includes opportunities with innovative startups. Companies like Cruise Automation, Aurora, and Argo AI are working on autonomous vehicle software and technology. As an early team member at one of these startups, you can help shape the company’s product vision and strategy. You may get equity in the company, with the potential for a big payout if it’s acquired or goes public.

The future is self-driving, and the automotive industry needs forward-thinking product managers to help make it a reality. If you want to work on groundbreaking technology that could transform transportation and mobility, automotive product management is an exciting area to pursue. The need for product managers will only increase as vehicles become more autonomous, connected, and electrified. Get on the road to this promising career and enjoy the drive!

Product Management in Education: The Learning Revolution

The education sector is ripe for innovation, and product managers with experience in edtech are in high demand. Schools and universities are looking for ways to expand access, improve outcomes, and enrich the learning experience through technology. As a product manager in this field, you’ll help build the next generation of tools for teaching and learning.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning

Using data and AI, education companies can tailor instruction to individual learners. As a PM for an adaptive learning platform, you’ll develop features that adjust to students’ needs and progress. This could include customized lesson plans, interactive exercises, and assessments that provide instant feedback. The result is an engaging experience where students learn at their own pace.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are transforming online education. As a PM in this area, you may work on products that enable interactive virtual field trips, 3D visualizations of complex topics, or mixed reality for skills training. These technologies make learning more immersive, hands-on and impactful. Demand for PMs with experience in VR/AR and a passion for its educational potential is rising.

Online Program Development

Many schools now offer full degree or certificate programs online. As a product manager, you’ll help develop an intuitive platform for these programs, ensuring a high-quality learning experience. This includes features for streaming lectures, sharing course materials, collaborating with instructors and other students, submitting assignments, and more. You’ll also incorporate tools for student services like advising, tutoring, and career support.

Lifelong Learning

In today’s fast-changing job market, people must continuously retrain and build new skills. Edtech companies are creating products for “lifelong learners” of all ages. As a PM in this space, you’ll develop platforms that offer short courses, microcredentials, and on-demand learning opportunities on a wide range of topics. Key features could cover course discovery, progress tracking, skills measurement, and integration with professional profiles. This role lets you shape the future of continuous education.

The learning revolution needs product managers with vision and expertise. If you want to drive innovation in education, the opportunities in this field are endless. With the right edtech experience, you’ll be poised to land a leadership PM role and make a real impact.

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So there you have it, the hottest fields for product managers in 2023. Whether you want to leverage your technical skills in fast-growing areas like fintech, healthtech or cybersecurity, or explore exciting new frontiers in space tech, autonomous vehicles or virtual reality, the opportunities are huge. The future is unwritten, the world is changing fast, and companies need innovative product leaders to help shape how we live and work. If you’ve got the vision, communication skills and persistence to thrive in ambiguity, the next decade could be a wild and rewarding ride. The future needs you – so it’s about time you start your journey towards that dream product job! And what better way to start than with our WSQ Product Management course! 3 weeks of productive learning that will help you gain the skills, knowledge and foundation you will need to build your career as a Product Manager. Do not wait any longer, sign up now and get your Product Journey started!