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Predicting the Future of UX

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Part technologist and part psychologist, Gideon Simons specialises in designing experiences with emerging technologies such as AI, IOT and Automation, and brings over 15 years of experience of working in Startups, Corporates and Consulting where he has worked on a wide variety of products and projects which range from Fintech, Insuretech to Media, Health, Telcos, E-Commerce and E-Learning.

Synopsis: UX has come a long way, from a term only used in academia, making its way into the industry and becoming part of day-to-day language.

At the same time, UX practitioners are constantly going through a roller coaster ride with changing role titles and terminologies, and the industry slowly calibrating the formulas to building products.

And now, with AI and no-code platforms starting to look like they can conquer more chunks of the UX process, it just makes you wonder what’s next for UX…

Check out the video to hear us cover:

  • How UX started and matured as a practice

  • Existing trends we see today

  • What’s the future of UX going to look like

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