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Bridging Tech and Design

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Yi Xin is a senior product designer specializing in UX and UI with over 13 years of experience of solving problems and crafting great user experience for businesses and consumers. Her experience in software engineering and frontend development knowledge to be able to work with product development teams seamlessly to translate vision into functional and delightful experiences. She was previously from Stripe and Amazon Web Services and had also led UX and Design in multiple projects at Open Government Products, GovTech such as RedeemSG used for CDC Vouchers scheme and Vaccine Appointment System.

Check out the video to hear us cover:

  • How proficiency in coding helps you design better

  • Difference between designing for local vs global, for government vs business

  • Yi Xin’s career journey: From a game artist to a product designer

  • Staying resilient during the tech layoffs

  • Side projects tinkering with code and design

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