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CuriousCore is a registered private education company founded in Singapore and led by a team of experienced instructors and practitioners from the US, UK and Singapore.

CuriousCore’s founder

Daylon Soh

Daylon founded CuriousCore to solve the problems that plague higher education for vocational disciplines like design.

  1. 1
    As a hiring manager.

    As a hiring manager, he saw that applicants lack the necessary strategic thinking skills and communication skills that help them be more effective in their tech careers.

  2. 2
    As a change agent.

    As a change agent, he recognise the companies have the desire to adapt to change but underinvest in their people as compared to the investments made in technology and tools.

  3. 3
    As an educator.

    As an educator, he saw how the faculty were more focused on research outcomes and bureaucracy rather than student growth.

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Hear from our graduates

“It has been really useful throughout. I’ve learnt so much!”

“The hands-on activities and interacting with other students was my favourite part of the course.”

“I am pleased with how the course taught me wireframing and allowed for interaction with the other students.”

“The big plus of the program is that it sources real projects from real clients.”