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UX Interview Tips: 4 Ways to Ace Your Next Job Interview

In this article

In this article, I want to share important UX Interview Tips based on something I have observed in the last couple of weeks while interviewing various job candidates. It’s not about your CV, portfolio or communication skills. It’s about your mindset and energy that you bring into an interview or important meeting. So today, I’m not going to talk about User Experience (UX) Design as usual, but about this issue instead which is something that I found very surprising. Perhaps it is the sign of the times that people are feeling a little bit more down than usual, probably due to COVID, probably due to the looming recession or the negative news that we see in the media.

The candidates I met came in with a much lower energy even as they were answering my questions or talking about themselves. And it sounds to a certain degree, that it’s not just about them feeling nervous. They don’t actually feel nervous. They literally feel down, and I can sense that. It’s something to be very mindful of, especially in terms of the energy that you bring to a conversation.

“You always want to meet the other person with slightly higher energy than they have.”

Just try and get them to slowly match up to the energy level that you want to project into the room. That caused them to leave quite a poor impression on me as I actually tried to find out the root cause of what was happening in their life after the interview in order to understand what they were struggling with. And I realised that a lot of it had to do with the mindset and a lot of it had to do with the energy.

So I would like to raise the topic on energy and and how it plays a pivotal role in forming a better first impression. When we were hiring back when I was in Razer, my manager actually taught me this. We look out for three things:

1. Problem Solving Skill

Whether the candidate could think on their feet critically.

2. Culture Fit

So whether someone was a gamer, that was something that was very big for us.

3. Energy

Although energy is not quantifiable, you can easily tell whether someone has high or low energy.

And when someone has high energy it also means to say that he or she is charismatic, and low energy automatically makes you someone who is not so charismatic. That’s why it’s something you can tell easily. We often go with someone who is energetic in nature, not to the extent whereby they’re resembling a hyper bunny, but more to the extent where we ask ourselves this question, can this person actually have the stamina to work through a problem?

Because we work really, really hard in a startup. And if the answer is no, then perhaps the company and the role might not be for them. I’m not aware what might be bothering you if you are perhaps feeling a bit down at the moment. But all I can say is that there are some things that you can tackle that is outside the periphery of your mind, and that will help you achieve that high level of energy and high level performance that make you stand out from the other candidates.

4 Tips to Tackle Low Energy

1. Reflect on your Negative Habits

What are some of the negative habits that are holding you back and possibly draining energy away from you? Perhaps it could be you binge-watching Netflix shows or video games all the way till past midnight. This way, you could be feeding your addictions late into the night, each day.

All these habits take energy away from you and it’s important to be mindful of that. Or it can even be the people that you surround yourself with. Those people could be taking energy away from you as well. So, that’s something that you have to be critically aware of. You just have to write it down and be mindful of what is taking energy away from you.

2. Reconsider your own Diet Choices.

Or reconsider your diet choices. Before I was pescatarian, I was suffering from very, very low energy every time I ate lunch because I was consuming meat and large portions of carbohydrates. And often after lunch, I found myself feeling very, very lethargic and very sleepy. So the next time you have a meal, I’d like you to just ask yourself this question. Do you feel right? How does your stomach and your body feel to you right after the meal. Do you feel lethargic?

And perhaps if you feel lethargic, you might want to reconsider whether this food or dish you just ate is good for you and what do you want to consume in the long term? So that’s something to reconsider. I would advise if you have an important meeting or if you have an important issue to try and keep your meals really light so that you don’t go into the meeting with like a lower energy level and or even like it was. If you bloated and you’re like burping during the meeting. And that doesn’t leave a very good impression either.

3. Take Power Naps

If you feel tired throughout the day and we all have our times where we feel like we’re at peak performance during the day and we’re at lower performance during the day, if you do have a few tired, just give yourself the opportunity to take a power now. And what is the powernap?

That Powernap is a nap that you take between 10 minutes to 40 minutes, because science has proven that after the 40 minute mark, it’s when you start to go into a deeper phase of sleeping and your entire body becomes more lethargic if you want to wake yourself out of it. So by actually setting a controlled timer. And waking up before the 40 minute mark, you feel more refreshed and St.. So that’s something to reconsider, and if you have the opportunity to to just wear a sleeping mask and just tune out of the will for 20 to 30 minutes or so.

4. Get your Vitamin D

Aside from the obvious advice, which is exercising, while you’re taking a walk, take a walk out in the sun and just get those vitamin D in on your skin and then just kind of do that sun exposure and natural exposure and fresh air, because that really makes a huge difference to your energy level.

A lot of times we are not getting energy because we’re not breathing. Right. Right. We’re either having very, very short breaths or we’re not taking deep breaths. And it feels like that’s shortness of breath also causes a degree of anxiety within us. So just notice that breathing and just notice that you’re taking breaths from your diaphragm, from your stomach, and just making sure that you’re nourishing your body with each and every one of those breaths.

So, once again, just to reiterate the four tips:

  1. Be aware of your negative habits.
  2. Check in on your diet and reconsider your diet choices.
  3. Take power naps if you need to during the day.
  4. Make sure you have exposure to the sun and to nature and fresh air.

And I feel that once you take care of your body and your gut, your body and your gut takes care of everything else. It takes care of your energy, it makes you feel much brighter, lighter and happier as well. Of course, you still have to work through whatever’s bothering you at a mental level. But I think all of these things are going to help you so much in achieving your goals and ensuring that you leave a really good impression in your next job interview or important meeting with a client.

So that’s all for this week. I hope this advice has been helpful for you. Please leave a comment below if this has served you well. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts on whether you managed to clinch your next interview or leave a really good impression during a client meeting.