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Episode 24: Product Thinking & Product Design with Justin Leong

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Topics Covered:

Product Thinking & Product Design with Justin Leong, Product Designer, SPH

00:00- Introduction of guest speaker

04:05 – Justin shares his insights on the difference between a Product Designer and a UX designer

06:47 -Justin talks about the percentage of work that he does that is outside of creating user experiences

07:48 – Justin talks about what goes on in a high growth start-up

08:42 – Justing talks about what he loves about being in a hyper growth environment

09:29- Justin talks about what he doesn’t enjoy about being in a hyper growth environment

11:19 – Justin talks about his first three months in the company

12:55 – Do you agree with the statement, “1 year in a start-up equates to 3 years in anywhere else”?

14:51 – Justin talks about where he draws the line with his PM?

16:46 – How do you upscale yourself as a designer to be more product-focus?

19:20 – Justin talks about how he built his strategic mind set

21:17 – What should people be doing in their first 90 days on the job to impress their team?

23:14 – Justin recommends books or resources that might help someone who’s about to join a big tech company

24:39 – Justin talks about the tools that he uses for work

25:24 – Justin talks about his mentor in the company

26:42- What are your challenges right now?

27:16 – Justin talks about his day to day basis

27:59 – What did you do go be a get top 1% recognition as a mentor in ADP list?

30:07 – Justin talks about the top mistakes that new designers do on their resumes

32:38 – How does someone let their ideas or design solutions stand out?

34;08 – What were the things that you adjusted in yourself in order to land a role in a hyper-growth start-up

35:38 – Did you have to pick up a lot of additional tech knowledge in order to communicate with tech leads and developers?

37:47 – What do you do when the tech start-up that hired you has no process or framework?

39:44 – What kind of people do you enjoy mentoring?

40:41 – Do you think every designer needs a mentor?

42: 55 – Do you have any advice to your future mentees?

43:59 – For those of us who are introverts, what advice would you give on networking?

45:15 – Justin talks about how being a mentor himself accelerated his career

45:49 – Outro