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How our students transformed NSOLS

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About The Company

NSOLS is an Irish Insoles brand from their parent company, Firefly, which has been in the podiatry business for decades. NSOLS was created to provide an over the counter, first phase solution for users experiencing foot discomfort but are not serious enough to warrant having custom insoles or a visit to the podiatry. The brand acts as an alternative to Firefly, tapping into the market of users with milder conditions.


A Strategic Collaboration

CuriousCore’s students worked closely with the managing director and marketing executive of NSOLS over the span of a month with the goal of upgrading NSOL’s website and re-look at their user journey and needs. Frequent client check-ins paired with a collaborative environment made sure that the goals of both parties were closely aligned.

The Goal

To improve NSOLS existing website to differentiate them from existing competitors and re-design the user journey and product language.

“How might we create an easy & seamless digital venue, so that it can reach more people, educate them and help them solve their foot pain problems?”

The Approach

Phase 1: Understanding

To understand the brand better, the team held stakeholder interviews and research to tie down key details such as defining the problem statement, competitor research and discussions on brand direction. This is necessary as it serves as a strong foundation and direction for the team moving forward.


The team used a card sorting exercise in stakeholder interviews to find out what the clients want for the brand in terms of vision, culture etc.


Phase 2: Analysing

Next, the team worked to gather real user data and insights by recruiting and conducting user interviews. The team then proceed to gather and synthesize the results using UX methods such as persona creation, empathy mapping, storyboards etc.

The group collated insights from user interviews and created personas to represent the characteristics of their larger group of users. This also helps the team to better empathise and identify with the users that they are designing for.

Jobs to be done for the personas were defined, to better identify the user’s goals and how the team can create value for them. The team also looked into where users were in their user journey.


Phase 3: Design

Once the team has gather key insights from their results, they shifted their focus to translating these insights into the website’s design. Through the use of methods such as site map creation and user flow mapping, the team proceed on to creating wireframes and prototypes of the website itself.

Initial wireframe sketches on how certain webpages will look like as well as a digital mock-up.

Group working sessions to test their working prototype and provide suggestions.


Phase 4: Validation

With the wireframes and prototype completed, the team set to conduct usability testing and concept testing to discover any issues or pain points that users may face. Through feedback from their testers, they are able to reiterate and optimise their designs.

Low-fidelity prototype of the webpage based off previous wireframes for better visualisation.

The group crafted a moodboard to better visualise the new brand identity and elements that resonated with it.


Phase 5: Final Handover

With initial prototyping and user-testing finished, the group moved towards creating the final website prototype, incorporating the new brand identity with it. They presented their final ideas to the clients for them to further work on and possibly implement.

The team showcased their final design and briefed clients on the new brand identity and how it can fit into the overall business plans. The project was then handed over to the client.

Final Client Comments


The above project was accomplished by our students as part of our 4-Month UX Career Accelerator course. Each student is given a minimum of 3 real client projects sourced by CuriousCore. Inspired by their works? Find out more details about the course and take part in your very own project!