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Episode 33: Deep Frontiers in UX Design with Ikram Faidzal

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Topics Covered:

Business Impact of Strategic Design with Ruby Pryor

00:00 – Introduction of guest speaker

03:26 – Faidzal talks about the opportunity to work in Indonesia with Smart Friend, an Indonesian Telco

06:06 – Faidzal talks about Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia

09:14 – Faidzal shares about his challenges working in Indonesia and how he managed to overcome it

13:09 – Faidzal talks about the difference in experience between Thailand and Indonesia

15:06 – Faidzal talks about what fascinates him in the Thailand market and what makes him stay at his current job with Line

18:38 – Faidzal shares his thoughts on what he things about South East Asian products grown from the ground up

22:06 – Faidzal talks about his plans for the next few years

25:42 – “Do you have any advice for someone who wants to work at South East Asia?”

29:22 – Faidzal talks about how he got offers and opportunitites to work overseas

31:52 – Faidzal shares his thoughts on negotiating your salary

46:01 – Faidzal talks about his value narrative

54:09 – Faidzal talks about what impresses him as a hiring manager

58:35 – Faidzal talks about how he feels when people approach him online for jobs

59:55 – Faidzal talks about the deeper side of UX and it’s subconscious impact

1:04:03 – Faidzal talks about some final tips when it comes to breaking into the industry

1:06:58 – Outro