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Episode 32: Business Impact of Strategic Design with Ruby Pryor

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Topics Covered:

Business Impact of Strategic Design with Ruby Pryor

00:00 – Introduction of guest speaker

02:41 – Ruby describes what it’s like to join Boston Consulting Group

04:47 – “What does a strategic designer do?”

08:20 – Ruby talks about how strategy relates to business

10:50 – Ruby talks about evangelising design and bringing management along for the ride

12:19 – Ruby talks about the impact of design in business

19:38 – Ruby describes what it takes to be a good strategic designer

24:03 – Ruby gives advice to people who struggles with specific types of research, such as generative research

26:26 – Ruby gives advice to be more pro-active on seeking such opportunities

28:56 – Ruby talks about analysis and framing the problem properly

31:00 – Ruby talks about Powerpoint skills

35:08 – Ruby talks about her strategy work at Grab

38:15 – Ruby talks about her proudest work in Grab

39:28 – Ruby shares her thoughts around women empowerment and the salary gap between men and women in the tech industry

40:48 – “What’s a typical week like for you at Grab?”

44:11 – “Where do you see the most friction from the intersection of strategy and design?”

47:13 – “In Design Strategy, where do people get it right and where do people get it wrong?”

51:32 – “In cases where impact is not immediately evident, or something that is perceived to be more intangible, like culture, how can UXR practitioners effectively communicate the value of their work to stakeholders and the broader organization?”

55:52 – “Is there a noticeable gap between what we learned in academia versus what’s being practiced in the industry?”

59:44 – Ruby gives advice for people trying to enter the UX industry

1:00:35 – Outro