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Episode 31: Navigating your Design Career in Agencies & Startups with Daryl Tan

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Navigating your Design Career in Agencies & Startups with Daryl Tan

00:00 – Introduction of guest speaker

02:44 – Daryl describes how it’s like working in a start-up

06:44 – Daryl goes into detail about fulfilling work and how to destress

08:43 – Daryl describes the things that he does to keep his design mind fresh each time

10:39 – Daryl talks about what people need to know before joining a start-up

12:43 – Daryl shares what’s bad about being in a start-up

15:04 – Daryl talks about how fast start-ups grow and how it affects the working culture

17:42 – Daryl shares what he thinks is a good work environment for a start-up

20:40 – Daryl describes what’s good, what’s bad and what’s ugly about working in an agency

27:19 – Daryl talks about whether working in a start-up or in an agencies builds you a better portfolio

29:29 – Daryl describes memorable moments he’s had in the past

31:58 – Daryl shares his experiences on having conflicting vision and approach from your Project Managers and Stakeholders and how to deal with it

36:19 – Daryl talks about how he mentors his juniors

42:46 – Daryl shares about his coaching and mentoring approach while working in a fast-paced environment

46:36 – Daryl talks about how he would wish his juniors would engage him in order to have a very efficient relationship

49:21 – Daryl talks about power struggles at work and how to effectively deal with them

49:42 – Daryl shares how he continues to learn beyond company training programs

53:16 – “Should we be a generalist or a specialist?”

54:58 – Outro