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Episode 30: The Impact of AI in UX Design with Chenmu Wu

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The Impact of AI in UX Design with Chenmu Wu

00:00 – Introduction of guest speaker

02:02 – Chenmu talks about his day to day at Alibaba

04:56 – Chenmu talks about working at a foreign market and working remote

05:54 – Chenmu talks about why he make “Wireframe Designer”

07:13 – Chenmu talks about Chat GPT

09:05 – Chenmu does a demo of how the plug in, “Wireframe Designer” works

11:57 – Chenmu goes into detail on how to use Wireframe Designer and generate designs quickly

14:10 – “Do you actually use this at work?”

15:09 – Chenmu does another demonstration from prompts given by the audience

17:56 – Chenmu shows the BETA version that he is working on

22:06 – “Are UX Designers going to lose their jobs very soon?”

25:24 – Chenmu talks about a new era where UX and UI designers can contribute something different while leveraging on AI

27:43 – Chenmu talks about embracing AI instead of being afraid of it

28:30 – “What are the things that you look out for from modern designers?”

31:00 – “How should designers prepare for the future?”

31:18 – Chenmu and Dayton discusses timeless skills

36:32 – Chenmu talks about the mentality of building tools instead of building products

33:44 – “What can we expect for your future development for Wireframe Designer?”

42:02 – “How much coding knowledge did you have to acquire to create this Figma plug-in?”

44:18 – Chenmu talks about developing product thinking

47:01 – Chenmu talks about side hassles

49:13 – “Is there anything you are looking for to help Wireframe Designer’s product launch?”

51:26 – Chenmu talks about the importance for designers to share their work

51:56 – Outro