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Episode 29: Predicting the Future of UX with Gideon Simons

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Predicting the Future of UX with Gideon Simons

00:00 – Introduction of guest speaker

02:51 – As someone who is trained as a technologist and a psychologist, Gideon talks about how he sees things differently in UX design work

03:31 – Gideon talks about whether it’s easier to work with engineers compared to anyone else

04:51 – Gideon talks about what brought him to Singapore

05:12 – Gideon talks about Israel’s innovation and how it became the 2nd most venture funded country in the world

07:21 – Gideon talks about current UX and the future of UX

13:29 – Gideon talks about different jobs more specialised within UX and why people transition to them

16:44 – Gideon shares his thoughts on the lay-offs happening within the tech industry

19:00 – Gideon talks about the home grown Singaporean Figma plug-in

21:45 – “With all the recent technological advances in digital design and AI, what’s going to happen to us UX designers?”

24:57 – Gideon talks about the role that UX designers play, especially in a big organization

28:26 – Gideon talks about the misunderstanding most people have about AI

31:46 – Gideon talks about how technological advances change the paradigm of Design thinking

35:34 – Gideon talks about voice related experiences and interfaces

37:41 – Gideon talks about other things UX designers should be doing to adapt to the coming technological change that AI will bring into the design industry

41:01 – Gideon shares his final thoughts about the future of UX

44:59 – Gideon discusses some note worthy UX tools with the audience

47:06 – Gideon asks the audience what their dream tool is for UX

48:56 – Gideon talks about mentoring and how to connect with him

49:36 – Outro