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Episode 27: East meets West Product Design with Kuei Tien Huang

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East meets West Product Design with Kuei Tien Huang

00:00- Introduction of guest speaker

02:22 – Tina shares her day to day life as a design manager

03:09 – Tina talks about the projects that she’s proud of in the span of her career

05:01 – Tina shares with the audience about Watch Party in Viki

08:08 – Tina talks about her research thinking and methodologies

11:49 – Tina talks about user satisfaction score

13:22 – Tina talks about launching in the US market first before any other country

14:10 – Tina talks about how Watch Party is an engine of growth

15:30 – Tina shares about her experience working in Carousell

20:20 – Tina shares about East vs West design trends for Viki

24:07 – Tina talks about how Viki’s market is mainly in the US

25:16 – Tina talks about immersion trips to talk to the users in the US

26:11 – Tina gives advice on what to look out for when designing for the Asian market

28:22 – Tina talks about how some design concepts are still in the experimental stage

29:24 – Tina talks about how the feature and the marketing of a product is a key factor in how you’re going to hit user’s heart

32:22 – Tina shares how mindset is the first that has to change as you progress to achieve your professional goals

34:17 – Tina talks about her adaptive approach to leadership

35:30 – Tina gives advice to first time managers

38:28 – Tina gives advice and general tips on how to get promoted

41:30 – Tina shares her journey of deciding to move to Singapore to become a designer after studying Mathematics

44:46 – Tina shares her comparison of working in Singapore vs Taiwan

48:19 – Tina gives advice to people who are trying to break into UX design

52:15 – Tina gives advice to someone who just lost their job and trying to get back on their feet

54:04 – Outro