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Episode 26: Bridging Tech and Design with Yi Xin Ang

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Bridging Tech and Design with Yi Xin Ang

00:00- Introduction of guest speaker

02:36 – Yi Xin shares her career origin and why she took up coding

06:14 -Yi Xin elaborates about how she persuaded her company to sponsor her coding course as a UX designer

07:29 – How does knowing code help you become a better designer?

10:38 – Yi Xin talks about what made her get involved with some of the projects that she worked on in the past

12:24- Yi Xin shares details about her website, and how it helped her secure a job at one of the top Silicon Valley companies in the world

16:07 – Yi Xin shares how she felt to be fired through an email during the layoffs in the tech industry

19:31 – Yi Xin shares some tips and strategies on how to rebound when you lose your job

24:30 – Yi Xin talks about the competitiveness within OGP itself (OGP is Open Government Products, a company in Singapore that works to build technology for the public good)

26:25 – Yi Xin shares her thoughts on the difference between working in the government sector compared to working with private companies

29:44 – What are the things that a designer should look out for when designing for government compared to designing for commercial use

32:39 – Yi Xin talks about the opportunities to travel overseas to conduct research and understand the target users

34:38 – Yi Xin talks about how she ended up in UX, given that she started out as a game artist

37:05 – Yi Xin talks about her experience at Govtech

37:38 – Yi Xin talks about how she continued to polish her coding skills as a Ux designer

39:52 – Is it true that Govtech only hired university degree holders? Or do they hire diploma holders as well?

41:27 – Yi Xin talks about her opinions in having a Masters in Computer Science or Human Computer Interaction and if it’s necessary in today’s industry

42:01 – Do you think that all designers should learn how to code just to be competitive?

44:55 – Do you have any tips or processes on handing over your designs to developers?

48:14 – Do you have any tips with working with engineers in general?

49:59 – Does developing personal relationships with your PMs and engineers help in your collaboration with them?

51:11 – Yi Xin shares some words of advice for junior designers and for people who are trying to get into this industry

53.04 – Outro