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Episode 25: Scaling a Product Team in a High Growth Startup with Jared Chan

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Scaling a Product Team in a High Growth Startup with Jared Chan, ex-Regional Head of Product Management & Design at Carro

00:00- Introduction of guest speaker

02:27 – Jared shares more about his time at Carro

04:15 -Jared talks about Carro’s brand identity and how it affects the UX of the product

06:31 – Jared talks about Carro’s design language, iconography and illustrations

08:49 – Jared talks about the type of competitor research he does with Carro

09:29- Justin talks about what he doesn’t enjoy about being in a hyper growth environment

10:54 – Jared talks about handling a product and design portfolio at the same time

11:42 – Jared talks about how to transition into wearing the business hat

13:16 – Jared talks about resource constraints in start-ups

15:11 – Jared discusses his decision to bring in UX specialist

17:41 – Do you think you made the right decision in hiring a UX strategist first before a UX researcher?

19:19 – Did you eventually hire other specialists?

20:58 – Jared shares some advice to future and aspiring design managers

23:43 – Jared talks about hiring practices from his time at Carro

24:29 – Jared talks about working with Carro’s data science team

25:30 – Jared talks about how ideas are implemented and who leads them

26:50 – Jared talks about the things he’s looking forward to

28:48 – Jared shares about his experience as a mentor

29:48 – Jared shares in detail his experience from interviewing candidates

32:54 – When should an aspiring UX professional work for a big company vs a start-up?

33:57 – Jared shares some words of wisdom for UX professionals who are having a hard time getting into the industry

36:34 – Why do you believe that User-centric design skills are valuable?

38:00 – Jared talks about innovation and digital transformation

40:03 – At what point should a professional specialise?

41:16 – Do you find a candidate more attractive if they are a specialist?

42:18 – Jared shares final words of encouragement to all UX professionals listening in

43:18 – Outro