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Episode 23: Working in UX Research in the USA with Monica Chan, EdD

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Working in UX Research in the USA with Monica Chan, EdD

00:00- Introduction of guest speaker

03:41 – Monica shares about some cool projects she’s working

05:35 – Monica talks about how she ended up in tech, given that she’s from an education technology background

07:27 – Monica talks about the persona of a UX researcher in Amazon

09:38 – What are the qualities or skills that UX researchers should have?

12:15 – Monica talks about her education in the US

13:52 – What should someone do to strengthen their application to the US tech industry?

17:06 – East Coast vs West Coast American Tech scene, what do you prefer?

18:53 – Monica shares details about the Amazon working culture

21:49 – Monica talks about the leadership principles in Amazon

24:04 – How does Amazon research team differ from Pinterest research team?

27:04 – Monica shares about her pHD thesis

28:51 – What are the principles that UX designers should take note for designing voice enabled interfaces

30:38 – Monica talks about ChatGPT

31:25 – What do you think is next for voice tech?

37:33 – Do people feel scared or alienated when robots are able to do what humans use to do?

38:50 – Do you have any advice for people who are hoping to transition into tech and the UX industry?

43:08 – Was there anything you could have wished that you have done better when you were still studying?

44: 11 – Outro