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Daylon Soh on trading his 6-figure salary to help others pursue a UX career

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With more than 10 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, design and marketing, Daylon Soh has worked with organisations across different industries and scale including a 2.5 year stint launching his own eCommerce venture as a design and marketing lead.

Daylon was previously Razer’s Global eCommerce Architect for the online shopping experience part of a team responsible for driving global direct eCommerce sales. He led design initiatives focused on optimising Average Order Value (AOV) + Lifetime Value (LTV), increasing site visits to sales conversions and lowering churn for millions of site visitors and shoppers every month on He led a team of Marketing & Merchandising Specialists and a UX Designer.

Daylon was also part of the Digital Product Design team of Aviva Digital Garage working as a SCRUM Product Owner. The team develops and test new insurance ideas and services which make financial services more tailored and accessible for customers globally. Daylon doubled up as the team’s design sprint facilitator and user research lead to synthesise data into actionable insights for product designers.