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How to Build Resilient Organisations for Long-Term Growth

A CuriousCore Study on building resilient organizations for enduring success. Our comprehensive study dives deep into the need for a growth mindset in organisations if they look to grow and thrive beyond the current business climate of 2024. To learn more about how CuriousCore can help you, do refer to our Training for Teams section.

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Busy companies who find it challenging to encourage lifelong learning behaviours within their teams may consider including learning moments as part of their employee experience: onboarding, performance review and offsite gatherings. They may work with a training partner to map and enhance capabilities for future growth.

Daylon Soh
Founder, CuriousCore

Capability and capacity development is the cornerstone of organizational growth and success. At iPay88, we value learning and development for each individual by equipping our People with the right skillsets via upskilling and reskilling, while having fun together!

Cho Chun Loong
Head of Human Resource, iPay88

In today’s dynamic business landscape, change is constant. Cultivating a culture of continuous learning encourages innovation by exposing employees to new ideas, technologies, and best practices. In some of the tech firms that I served, we make use of hackathon challenges where teams propose creative solutions to business problems. Making learning fun and easy to access also play a huge part to ensure employees are self motivated and will be able to learn whatever, whenever and wherever they want.

Edwin Koh
Head of Organisation & Talent Development, Global Tech Company

How to Build Resilient Organisations for Long-Term Growth.
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