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Rethinking Product Launch

25 August 2023, Friday 1pm - 6.30pm (UTC +8:00)

Special In-Person Workshop hosted by CuriousCore in partnership with Design Singapore

As enterprises involved in design continue to push for product growth, sustainability and digitalisation are imperatives for the enterprises to achieve success. The intersection of digital and physical product design has enabled enterprises to tap on digital solutions to help them expand their reach to the target market, while achieving a circular value chain through sustainability. This supports the distribution and development of products, which will help enterprises achieve the objective of successful product growth.

This workshop will share and address the concerns and opportunities faced by the enterprises in Singapore in terms of digitalisation in product launch and sustainability in product distribution.

When: 25 August, Friday 1pm – 6.30pm (UTC +8:00)

Admission: $20

How to attend: Sign up by filling in your details on our eventbrite page

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