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Intro to Product Management 1hr Workshop

Every Tuesday, 8:00pm - 9:00pm (UTC +8:00)

About the workshop

Closed group webinar happening every Tuesday, 8 pm (GMT +8). Step into the world of Product Management with Daylon Soh, ex-Global eCommerce Architect at Razer.

In 1 hour, understand the basics of Product Management and how good product management teams can help a business grow and adapt to an ever-changing market. Find out more about some of the processes taken by Product Managers as they work to understand the users’ needs and how they ideate to create new products to meet those needs.

Why do I need to attend?

  • You have a desire to scale your business or career and think improving and building a digital experience is the answer

  • More businesses and companies who are building up their digital solutions are still hiring during this period

  • Facilitated by a practitioner who has ex-students (freelancers to employees) thriving and applying skills taught

  • Network with other like-minded professionals after the class

Be sure to check out the video to find out more!



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