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Are you a mid-career professional looking to upskill yourself in digital skills? Or are you a business seeking affordable and comprehensive training for your team? Look no further! Introducing the CuriousCore Annual Workshop Pass, your gateway to a world of learning and growth.

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What is CuriousCore Annual Workshop Pass?

At CuriousCore, we understand the challenges you face in finding the right courses to enhance your skills. That’s why we’ve ingeniously crafted a Classpass for workshops designed to cater precisely to your individual needs. Within this exclusive offering, you’ll discover a handpicked assortment of workshops hosted by industry experts, presenting a tailored approach to meet your unique requirements. Here’s what makes our Workshop Pass unique:

  • Location Online
  • Prerequisites None

Annual Subscription Price

Full tuition

Discounted Price S$ 580

Price After 30 Nov 2023 S$ 680.


Daylon Soh


With over 10 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, design, and marketing, Daylon has worked with many organisations across different industries and scale and taught at various institutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

What you should know

Annual Workshop Pass Timetable

WorkshopsInstructorsAvailable Dates
Product Discovery & ValidationDaylon Soh16 Sep 2023 | 25 Oct 2023
Effective Stakeholder ManagementEvonne Quek23 Sep 2023 | 14 Oct 2023
OKRs & Managing PerformanceUpasna Bhandari15 Sep 2023 | 29 Sep 2023
UX PsychologySham Ravee22 Sep 2023 | 18 Nov 2023
Applying Agile & SCRUMDaylon Soh28 Sep 2023 | 20 Oct 2023
Entrepreneurial MindsetSerene Cai07 Oct 2023 | 03 Dec 2023
Customer Experience Journey MappingRuby Pyror13 Oct 2023 | 08 Dec 2023
Generative AI Content MarketingAudrey Chia27 Oct 2023 | 03 Nov 2023
Product Launch & GTM StrategyDaylon Soh04 Oct 2023 | 11 Nov 2023
NegotiationSerene Cai22 Oct 2023 | 04 Nov 2023
Effective feedback and 1:1Upasna Bhandari24 Nov 2023 | 15 Dec 2023
Craft & Defend a Product Strategy + Business ModelDaylon Soh09 Nov 2023 | 02 Dec 2023
Persuasive PresentationsJohanna Tay15 Nov 2023 | 16 Dec 2023
Cross-cultural Communication & EmpathyJulian Lukaszewicz23 Nov 2023 | 09 Dec 2023
Growth Hacking 101Daylon Soh13 Dec 2023 | 29 Dec 2023
*Final workshops list at launch may vary. Live workshops conducted at least twice a year.

What you will receive

Online Live Workshops

CuriousCore’s Annual Workshop Pass brings learning directly to you through our online platform. Enjoy the convenience of accessing workshops, courses, and valuable content from anywhere. This flexibility allows you to enhance your skills without compromising your commitments. Embrace the benefits of online learning and advance your knowledge on your own terms.


Expert Practitioners

We understand that learning from the best is a fundamental aspect of achieving excellence. That’s why our workshops are exclusively led by expert practitioners hailing from renowned companies such as Deloitte, FoodPanda and Grab. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of real-world experience and industry insights to the table, offering you a unique opportunity to learn from those who have excelled in their respective fields.


Value and Savings

With the Workshop Pass, you’ll enjoy over $4,000 worth of workshops at an introductory price of S$580 (early bird access). Plus, if you attend at least 1 Day Product Management course, you’ll get up to 75% Skillsfuture subsidy.
In addition, we are thrilled to offer you even more value with an exclusive 10% discount on all other CuriousCore courses.


Holistic Learning

Our comprehensive approach nurtures not only your technical skills but also places equal emphasis on essential soft skills, crucial for personal and professional growth. From honing your leadership abilities to refining your communication prowess, and even guiding you in navigating your career development, our workshops are carefully curated to equip you with a diverse set of competencies.


Alumni Community

As a part of our vibrant learning community, you’ll gain exclusive access to join live Alumni events twice a year.

Moreover, we’ve created a dynamic Telegram Community where you can interact with fellow learners, exchange insights, seek guidance, and celebrate each other’s successes.


Frequently asked questions

Meet our graduates

“The hands-on activities and interacting with other students was my favourite part of the course.”

“I am pleased with how the course taught me wireframing and allowed for interaction with the other students.”

“The big plus of the program is that it sources real projects from real clients.”

“It has been really useful throughout. I’ve learnt so much!”

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