Be a more analytical problem solver by learning the basics of Python in 2.5 days

Companies today use and share data through databases. As companies continue to collect more data from their customers and business operations, a business leader will not only need to interprete data from multiple data sources but also manipulate data (including real-time data) to solve and analyse business problems.

Excel has its limits when it comes to bigger databases and real-time data and that is why some of the world’s leading technology companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Reddit rely on the Python programming language to solve complex problems and build business operational dashboards.

This course is suitable for beginners with no programming background and programmers of all skills levels who want to understand how to perform data analysis and solve business problems using Python.

Python can be used for building websites, web scraping, data analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing. The language is designed to be easy to read, while still being very powerful, which makes it a great language for beginners to learn.

Learning goals & outcomes

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Solve business problems using the basics of programming: variables, strings, lists, functions and etc.

  • Write scripts in Python that automate tedious tasks

  • Build web scrapers to gather useful data from the Internet

  • Read and troubleshoot code

  • Parse and interpret business data

  • Gather data from publicly available APIs to supplement your business analysis

  • Communicate effectively with your colleagues who have programming skills on technical issues

Led by Mattan Griffel,
Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School

Mattan Griffel teaches MBA students at Columbia Business School and is a Y Combinator-backed entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder of One Month, which offers affordable online bootcamps that teach anyone how to code in one month. He was selected as one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Education.

Mattan teaches and advises on entrepreneurship, growth hacking, online education, and learning to code. He has advised companies like Pepsico, Bloomberg, GM, NYSE, and JPMorgan, spoken at New York University, Cooper Union, The School of Visual Arts, Parsons at The New School for Design, Singularity University, The Downtown Project, First Round Capital and Social Media Week, and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, BusinessWeek, MIT Technology Review, Huffington Post, Mashable and The Next Web.

Mattan studied Philosophy and Finance at New York University and wrote his thesis on the metaphysics of consciousness.

Student Testimonials

“There's so much to learn and it really is one of the single most immediately valuable tools that I've gotten from going to business school. Really glad I took the class.”

“Mattan is great! He encourages questions and feedback and doesn't make anyone feel bad or stupid for not understanding. He genuinely wants everyone to learn this stuff and get excited about it, and he approaches the course with a positive and energetic style.”

“Honestly, one of the best professors at Columbia. Mattan knows HOW to teach something as complicated as Python.”


April 30 + May 1 & 2, 2019

9am till 5pm
(Ends at 12.15pm on May 2)
SOHO, New York City

Language: English

Early Bird Fee (till April 20):

Regular Fee (from April 21):

Combined Fee with ‘UX Research & Design’ on May 2 & 3:

Limited to 20 participants.

*Credit card payment processed via Eventbrite.

Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the course at the end of Day 1.


Beginner-friendly course suitable for entrepreneurs, business analysts, analytics team leaders and MBA students and graduates.

Location details will be sent one week before the course.